Unified Account Solutions, LLC

Emily –

Victim Location 89423

Type of a scam Debt Collections

An Ashley Williams left a voice message, stating she is a courier and will be serving me with paperwork at my home address today (October 17, 2017). I called the number and it was immediately picked up by a girl. I stated I received a phone call and I wanted know what it was regarding. She asked “Is this *** ***?” and I said “yes” and she transferred me to a Melanie. Melanie immediately knew who I was, without verifying any of my information. She stated I will be served for a debt I owed and she had my address. She stated it was regarding a Lane Bryant account and JH Portfolio gave them the paperwork. I asked if I could pay it today and she put me on hold. When she came back, she stated that I may it in full by 4 pm eat coast time, and I will not be served. I let her know that I wanted to verify that this is not a scam, and she became very aggressive. She told me that I needed to understand they are taking me to court and this is a serious matter. I told her I understood, but I need to verify who I am giving my money to. She stated she can send me a letter (which I have attached). Upon looking at the letter, it is dated for today and appears to be a bill. I contacted Comenity Bank, who verified that my account was sold to JH Portfolio. They did state that the order of events does seem illegitimate and that I should follow up. Upon calling JH Portfolio during regular business hours, no one answered the phone. I left a brief message and my telephone number. I called Unified Account Solutions again, and blocked my number. A girl answered the phone and said she was able to look up my account with my phone number and transferred me to Melanie. I asked Melanie how the received my information. She immediately transferred me to Kevin Lawson. Kevin stated that this is not a scam. He then proceeded to say that he has an account number for me. He gave me the account number and said “do me a favor and call JH Portfolio. They’ll verify the account number is linked to you. Then call us back and pay us. I do not wish to discuss this any further.” I then asked where he got my social security number and my birthday and he said “this is confidential information. Why don’t you understand this? We could have only received this information if a company gave us your information.” I let him know that I need to verify this is not a scam before I proceed. He said “I understand that, but this is not a scam”. I let him know that I need to verify this company before moving forward. Then I hung up.

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