Lori –

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for several part time jobs online and received an email from unifund group(collection agency), saying that they are interested to offer me a position i just have to choose from 3: manager, assistant controller, finance clerk. all of them have full time and part time options. Salary is pretty good for all of the positions offered. Someone called asking me some question, like a phone interview. Then they sent me some documents to fill out, agreement for training, job description and my deposit pay information. After that one representative contacted me via text msg on telegram saying that its a great career opportunity for me and that im going to be helping with setting up their new office in the area where i live. I also can work part time from home or full time from the office and the main part as per their company secret they accept bitcoin payments from debtors so i will require some kind of training on that. They never answered any of my questions. the only thing they told me that i need to do training and set up my personal account on bitcoin platform so i could start the training. After i asked some questions about their company, and received some generic answers, which seemed not real. The website looks like the website for another existing collection agency.

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