Union James Affordable Housing Operating Account

Andre –

Victim Location 10459

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a lot of jobs on indeed.com. this person wrote to me saying they will give me a trial run before doing an interview before they travel a lot and needed someone ASAP. they asked me for my information,I gave it to them. The very next day I received a Fedex envelope at 10:30am for a 4,000 dollar check. They wanted pictures to confirm everything. I went to my bank per instruction and deposited into my bank account. they wanted all the money. 550 was to be mine. but my bank only cleared 300 for the day. I was instructed to take out the 300 dollars and by three amazon gift cards 100 dollars a piece from multiple stores they said. after the purchases I sent pictures of the gift card scratched codes to them. They stopped writing me and then I came to my senses and started doing research about the whole thing. Thats when I realized in during my research that bank take fake checks all the time even when they clear and money is available. as time goes by and they realize its a fake or someone disputes those charges, they freeze your account until you pay them back. this is still ongoing and my check is still slowing getting more and more funds available every day. I already lost 300 dollars my plan is to hold on to the rest until I have to pay it back. I called my bank but they say the check is legitimate. Its confusing but what I learned is that these scammers use real accounts to steal from so it checks out as normal. it takes banks weeks to realize they have fraudulent activity on an account.

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