Union Ship LLC

Jamie –

Victim Location 19701

Type of a scam Employment

Luckily I researched this company/scam on BBB, NJ, and found someone from 01913 had just reported it. I was thus able to avoid sending an official looking W4 in the mail to the scammers. They tell you that you are employed to handle packages ordered from Eastern European customers. They say they will pay you $3100 monthly to receive packages, take pictures of packages, open them, inspect items, re-seal and relabel and mail via USPS or other carrier. Well, 01913 reported that when the one month period was approaching, they disabled the password so that no salary would be paid. 01913 reported that they apparently buy products using stolen credit cards and use unsuspecting people to hide their tracks.

All their websites and procedures appear legit, though bad grammar was a tip off, including the phrase from accounting department that said net pay referred to pay BEFORE taxes. Please stay away from them. And thanks to ScamPulse.com and its forum for reporting these scams.

Darryl –

Victim Location 01902

Type of a scam Employment

Email said work from home being a quality inspector for a shipping business that ships overseas. Most of the emails said they were from human services working for a business called Indigodeal and union ship. They offer a big amount of pay and they also have u sign an agreement, tax papers, order supplies from ups and fedex. I sent them copys of my ID and address info. Before looking into this matter. Should I be worried?

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