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An email was sent to me saying, "thank you for applying on ZipRecruiter" when I did not:


Thank you for submitting your resume and showing interest in this position. My name is Nicole Alba, Welcome to Union’s Gate Foundations, we are a charity foundation new to the United States, our ambition is to provide for people who are often forgotten by other regular people. We’re committed to increasing the standard of living of people who cannot afford it. Personally, I am an investor and also a bitcoin/cryptocurrency advocate as well as investor

Union’s Gate Companies. (A Nonprofit Organization) was founded by my mom and has been around for years in Australia. We’ve been operating in Australia for 17 years now and counting, we started out in 2000. After numerous efforts, we recently secured the right to open up a branch of our company in the United States, this is a big win for us considering how far we’ve come, The United States branch is opening up close to you and a couple of employees have already been selected/hired to work there, once the company is fully launched.

Our company, comprises of experts in humanitarian works and medical doctors to tackle hunger, poverty, diseases and other life-threatening issues around the globe. Usually, we do all of this through generous donations from high profile and passionate companies within the United States. And some other times, individuals and nonprofit organization similar to ours also lend a hand. These donations are for specific purposes and we always make sure the donations are actually used for what’s its set out for. From providing food for the helpless to helping a kid who’s next in line for surgical and health issues, our mission is to create a better life for those who actually do need it, while our vision in a couple of years is to expand into a much more profitable organization without compromising our core values and primary objective which is to enhance the standard of living of under privileged people.

Having explained what Union’s Gate Companies does, I would also like to tell you about the position you would be filling and the salary involved. I would like to point out that you would be working from home for about a week (Which you would be paid for); this is only because the office space is undergoing some structural adjustment prior to the launch, that’s the reason why you wouldn’t be resuming at the office immediately. Ideally, I would have provided the office address location right now, but some other candidates I provided with that information have started going in there and the construction guys have told me to wait until they finish their work in a week before I start giving out the address. I hope you can understand that. However, I can guarantee that the office is very close to you. I made sure of that personally

However, once the office opens up next week, you’ll be responsible for front desk duties, which involves taking calls and forwarding them to the appropriate departments, ordering office supplies, typing up necessary contract documents, Handling of donations checks on behalf of the company and other routine general office duties that may be assigned to you. This position occasionally involves attending fund raising dinner parties/auctions at high profile locations. Although you’re actually not obligated to attend these parties, but I would personally love if you could be present at a couple of them. While some of the venues for these dinner parties are local, some are out of the city, while others are out of state (Transportation is always taken cared of). On the positive note, you stand a chance to meet some very important dignitaries and celebrities from all over the world. They are always lovely evenings to look forward to. But like I said earlier, you’re not obligated to be at any of them at all.

This position is a part-time/Full time position, it starts at $20/HR, with a couple of benefits, which includes Vacations and holiday benefits and Employee assistance program. During this week that you will be working from home, I have a few things you would be doing for me, a client has approved a donation check towards the construction going on at the office, you would be processing this check, However, I would be providing you further details if everything checks out.

Should you be interested in this position? Please go to the company website on the link below to answer a few questions about yourself so that I can get back at you with further information. You can either click on the link or just copy it into your browser. You can also read up a little further as to what the company does on the website. There’s a field in the details that you would be required to fill (Name of Bank), no details needed though, Just the name. Note, that you would be receiving your pay via direct deposits and there are easier banks to use than others. Should you feel uncomfortable about disclosing your bank name, just fill ‘YES’ to indicate you have one, or ‘NONE’ If you don’t have any. Other details will be discussed upon my arrival next week Sunday. While filling out the form you might encounter an error, it’s usually if you’re uploading too large a file or too long a Cover Letter in the message section.


After this short form is filled out showing your interest in the position, I will then be emailing you with a link to take a 40mins interview also on our website. After which I will be texting you to confirm if you’re hired. You can also reply to this email for any questions you might have. I am not in the USA at the moment. I am not available to calls; I am only available to text messages and email. But I do arrive next week Sunday to personally oversee the completion of the works going on at the office. I am currently in Australia doing my final preparations to move with my family to the USA.

Thank You for your time

Alba Nicole

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