Devon –

Victim Location 31404

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

I recently started working for this company called unique E shop. The company seemed fairly new I searched and couldn’t find any information on the company at all. Then I later found out that the website was JUST 45 DAYS OLD. It’s exactly how it’s described in the article. Actually in every article I read. .I didn’t even apply to it. I just got a random email saying apply. When I thought about it I was really desperate Christmas is coming up and i had no money to pay for gifts. I didn’t know this was illegal to send packages and take the invoices out. I didn’t know that they were scamming people with credit cards and purchasing items. I didn’t know that they were framing the whole thing on me. And not just me innocent people. I really needed a job they were offering 3000$ a month plus 50$ per 10 packages. I felt like it was too good to be true. I kept thinking that until the packages started rolling in. Computers, IPads, apple watches Ect. I went in so blindly until my fiancé pulled up an article I sat for an hour reading article after article and comment after comment. Comments of people just like me. Now I know that it’s a scam. People who wasted their time just like me thinking that they could provide for their families. I even turned down a job because of this it’s sad that human beings are so cruel. I’m quitting and being more careful where i put my information. Please take this scam down. It’s hurting people and not giving people their money. Thank you

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