United 1st Federal Credit Union JenJur Corp

Robert –

Victim Location 32114

Type of a scam Employment

Mystery Shopper Position

Text message read,

Congrats on your Details Reviewed!! Insert name…. I just sent you an email with some details kindly check and get back to me. Cytia Jason

Afternoon [insert name], just sent you a mail regards your first assignment,check and replied asap.enjoy your weekend.Cytia Jason

Good Day [insert name], kindly check your email for your first assignment via text or email. Cytia Jason

Good Morning [insert name, According to the USPS the Check is Available for Pick Up….kindly go to the nearest post office and picked the PKG up and I can instruct you on what to do with the check.Cytia Jason

Okay keep me posted when you have the check

Waiting on your update and have a blessed day

Kindly get the check deposited at your bank funds can be available instantly or in 24hrs after which you can evaluate a Walmart store waiting on your replied

Let me know when you deposited check and when you will send your report


I overlooked the bad grammar.

First attempt to scam me (STRIKE 1)

Check was no good. It was written as a Cashier Check from United 1st FCU but as S1,870,90. Notice that you can not write a check with commas. I explained this to Cytia. Back and forth texts


Good Morning are you there pls

Okay, will cancel check and resend another one got that?


have a blessed day

Good day [insert name], hope you fine?

Hello insert name,are you there pls


Good morning are you there insert name?

Good morning hope your

night was good?

Okay, I want to do a Direct Deposit so that you can conduct your Survey by Thursday

I will need your Bank Name, Routing Number and Account Number and Bank Address?

(STRIKE 2) no one gets that information.

I refused

I told her the same way to overnight an American Express Reserve Card to me. Paper trail. I could do the survey, transfer the moneygram and purchase something for $50. I explained that are no fees and where to go to get it.


Okay will send the Check then,if that what you prefer

Okay will send the Check then,if that what you prefer

I did respond right away… When I did, I asked if scammer sent the check



By now I was really reluctant to do the secret shopper assignment


Good Morning will check with the accounting dept if they sent out, hope all is fine?

Good Morning

Hello insert name, don’t know why you keep silent,just hope all is fine?will send you tracking to the funds by tomorrow and happy Xmas in advance

You will be conducting your survey between 26th and 27th got that?

At this point I knew for sure this was a scam…here is why

Good morning, (insert name),how are you and how was your night? you will be receiving 2 Money Order via USPS these morning with tracking number (insert tracking number)i want you deposit it via ATM or Mobile deposit which funds would be available instantly or part available today and rest available tomorrow,after then you can evaluate a Walmart Store, let me know when you have the Money Order.Cytia Jason

The money order were made out to someone different. There was only one money order. Too many flags.

These text messages were back and forth since December 6. They

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