United Directories, Inc.

Melissa –

Victim Location 91784

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Back in July 2013, I was mailed a change of address notice from Yellowpagesunited (associated with bizyellow and United Directories, Inc.) and since my business had moved I completed the notice thinking is was from the Yellow Pages company. Later I’m mailed an invoice for $396 for a subscription – which I never signed up for in the first place. Since I never signed up for the service I trashed the fake invoice. Then every few months I would be sent an invoice with a copy of the change of address notice with my signature (as the notice requested) – saying that I had signed up for the service. I didn’t pay the bogus invoices. I keep receiving Past Due notices every since with interest and threats of reporting me to credit agencies. As of April 2016 the past due amount is now $792. When I researched yellowpagesunited I found out that my suspicions were correct and this is a SCAM. I’m reporting them to you so can research these companies and demand that they stop sending me bogus invoices.

Yellowpagesunited, bizyellow and United Directories, Inc. are SCAMS and need to be stopped.

Yellowpagesunited contact informtion (listed on the invoice):

P.O. Box 53282 Atlanta, GA 30355-1282

Phone: (866) 355-6101 FAX: (866) 443-7679

www.Yellowpagesunited.com and www.bizyellow.com

Federal Tax ID: 59-3645405

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