United Mission for Non-Profits of America

Bryce –

Victim Location 90254

Type of a scam Charity

An individual walking around today ("Shawn" / Male, late-20s, Caucasian, blonde hair, backwards black ball cap with black long-sleeve shirt, black shorts and a silver cross on a necklace chain) claimed to represent the UMNPA, a supposed veterans assistance organization.

"Shawn" claimed to have a bruised rib and kept rubbing his side. After introducing himself as being "with the veteran’s community" he quickly back-pedaled when I presented as being in the military. He then claimed his grandfather was in the Merchant Marine but that he appreciates military service. After presenting a card showing very general "services" offered he presented a receipt for a tax write-off. When I said I wanted to do my own research he stated they were on the IRS website and had just opened a Veteran’s Home in Anaheim. He asked for my full name because I "looked familiar" and I asked for a card and thanked him for what he was doing.

The UMNPA, although registered on the IRS website as a 501(c)(3), is cross-linked on a bunch of sketchy websites (which just re-hash snippets of different sentences to make them show up in Google search) and has no clear connection to veteran services. There are several scam-reporting sites that have it listed as well.

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