United Processing/Nelnet – Dept. of Education Imposter

Erin –

Victim Location 13167

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Call saying with Nelnet. I called them back. They said their name then are you calling about your federal student loans? I said yes. They asked my name. social security number. date of birth. Place of birth. First pet name. Favorite food. Favorite color. Said they were part of dept of education. Combine and consulidate monthly payments. Administration forbearance. Process enrollment in 60 to 90 days. Cost $699.00 to reprocess fee. What was my monthly income. Then to finish my application I was to give them my driver License number. I stopped there I asked that it was a lot of information to just apply. She was going to send me info on it to look over. Emailed me under FSA ID INFORMATION. U S dept of Edu. Federal student aid. EMAIL Allowed no response unattended mailbox. Help referral at https/fsaid.ed.gov. For questions. I was going to call Carolyn back at 561-853-0882 ext 412. Called BBB. NOT IDENTIFIED BY THEM. got state Florida but would NOT give me address due to security purposes. Spoke to manager Kevin McGamn said after completion of application then I get address. I said do you belong to BBB. H said no. They are a scam for $5000.00. They poorly rated *** ***. I called NELNET to see if they knew about this activity. He had me hold and said NOT LEGITIMATE. Now I’m worried for the info I did give out.

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