United States comsumer investigations

Beth –

Victim Location 63020

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I got a call from USCI – united states consumer Investigations at 571-386-2521 saying they were investigating why I had not claimed a prize won in 2016 before it get dropped. They do this for a large number of companies. They said the prize was from Corporate Media Awards and to call 1-855-232-7526 I talked to a Scott McCoy personal number 1-585-270-6824 if I needed to call him back. They said I won a prize in 2016 from Children’s Charity Hospital foundation and I would get a check for $915,000 after federal taxes taken out. I would get a 3 page form for for taxes for the state and 3 page form for gaming taxes, also when Brinks brings my check. If I wanted to pick up my check I would come to Rodchester NY, 2 State Street at the crossroads building. I would have to call before I come or I could not get in the building. Or I could mail a Bank or post office check (money order) for $1,967.13 to GD Brokers 2756 SW 4th street, Miami, FL. 33136 with check made out to Jennia P. Diaz. I was to call them after I got it all ready to mail to FL. overnight and then in 2 days the Brinks truck would deliver my check for $915,000 and a check for the $1,967.13 that I mailed them for insurance to deliver the big check. my prize ID number is USCI 2401

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