United States Federal Government of Grants Health and Human Services Dept. – Imposter

Sergio –

Victim Location 10469

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have received four phone calls from the United Federal Government Grants Department of Health and Human Services. The scam runs as followed: "Is this Nicole Benjamin, ans: yes, how may I help you? Then the caller goes on to say you have been selected to receive $9,200 dollars from the Federal Government of Grants for being a non-criminal, paying your taxes on-time, an so on. In order to get you money you need to take down this access code WB420, NX190, go to the nearest pharmacy and purchase a ITunes gift card or amazon gift card in the amount of $300 dollars and call back this number 646-813-7241. When you call back the number the ask did you purchase the card if so what is the card access code the pharmacy provided to you so you can now receive your funds through Western Union in the amount of $9200 dollars. When I ask for a name and address I was given Johnny, and the address was 200 Independence Ave. Southwest, WC 20201. There is a building there however this is not were they are located. Once I alerted them this was a scam and I was not giving them a dime I was then cursed out by the caller and was told I was going to be killed! The caller further to say I no were you live and will be coming to kill you in the Bronx.

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