United States Federal Grant Administration

Alicia –

Victim Location 98629

Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller was obviously reading off of script and background sounded like overseas call center. This is obviously a nationwide scam as caller was calling from a California area code to an Alaskan cell phone area code belonging to a Washington resident (myself).

(Doesn’t that make this a federal crime?)..but anyway.

Caller stated he was calling from the United States Federal Grant Administration and I had been selected to receive a $9,000 Grant from the federal government. When specifically asked if he was calling from a United States Government Program his answer was unequivocally YES.

The caller then asked how I would like to receive the Monies and gave a list of choices to include Walmart money orders. He further stated that I would have to call a phone number back and give them a claims approval ID code to receive the grant and he gave two reasons.

The first reason he gave was the governments need to legally record the 2nd phone call to show that I willingly gave out my information to receive the Monies offered by this program as the current(initial) call was not being recorded. The second reason given was that this was to prove not only my identity but to prove the legitimacy of this phone call.

I was given claims approval ID code "CB245" and told to call the phone number 707-846-0148 immediately in order to receive this $9,000 Grant with no strings attached and no need for repayment.

I did not call the number give me. THIS IS A SCAM.

I do have a copy of the entire phone conversation recorded as my phone is set to do that automatically. It is available should whoever reading this submission have use for the recording in order to prosecute.

For all others.. IT’S A SCAM!.. Grant money is not awarded to folks who don’t make application of some sort and the US government does not make personal phone calls to hand out money to citizens as if they were Publishers Clearing House. Beware.

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