Bridget –

Victim Location 31605

Type of a scam Government Grant

Hacked into my friends Facebook account and she supposedly sent me this message through Messenger: "How HHS was offering grants for retired, disabled, business, etc., to apply call this number. 5702219775." She said she received $200.000 and didn’t have to pay it back. She told me to call the number and an agent will call me back. I was quite hesitant and she kept sending me a msg asking if I had called. I then asked her for her updated phone number so I could talk more about this; Instead she replied, Did you call the agent? I new then something wasn’t right. (I knew then this was not her sending these msgs) However, I blocked my number and called and got a recording of a text line and to leave your name which I didn’t. But I received a text on my phone right after the call saying, "MY NAME IS AGENT FRANK CLAIMING THE GOVERNMENT DEPUTY SECRETARY OF UNITED STATES HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (HHS). I WILL BE GLAD TO ASSIST YOU, KINDLY GIVE US YOUR FULL NAME AND ZIP CODE". Well, I did no such thing!!!

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