Anthony – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 43210

Total money lost $59.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website UnitedForwardMail poses itself as a business to perform the Address Change service during moving. At the onset, a normal user will be tricked into thinking that it is an USPS website. Secondly, the website captures all Personal Information (current address, new address, credit card info) and charges the user $59.95 without the user’s consent. there is no information about the service provided or amount charged for the service on this website. I was taken to this website through Internet Search (Google) and assumed that it is a legit site. After providing the information, the website immediately process the transaction without giving the user the amount to be charged or providing a opportunity to cancel the transaction.

After being duped for the first time, I went into test the website with junk addresses (see the uploaded document). It accepts any junk character for an address and does not provide address validation that any real business would do. It took me to the payment page immediately where the user sees no information of the amount being charged. This is a scam and want the users to be aware of this. Hence posting this complaint.

Phillip – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 43215

Total money lost $59.95

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

The UnitedFowardMail poses itself as a government agency and charges you $59.95 for address change request. The website is designed so that any unsuspecting normal user will be able to scammed to thinking it is a legit USPS business. Normally USPS charges $1 for address change and explicitly says in their website. The UnitedForwardMail does not explicitly say anything about the service or the charge and it is easy for a unsuspecting user to fall into the trap and provide the card information for the transaction. As soon as the user provides the address abd card information, the website immediately charges you the $59.95 without stating the amount charged. It is a business that charges you without the user consent for the amount.

The website does not have valid business address or contact information or phone number. ScamPulse.com shows the business is registered at

3308 Barnes Circle Simi Valley, CA 93065 and with a fake phone (401) 592-4672. The number is not going through.

Sara –

Victim Location 98467

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Other

Their address change form pops up when you search for USPS adress change. Once you fill it out and enter your card info you are billed $39.95. There phone # is no good and they don’t respond to emails.

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