Universal Network Solutions Denver

Caroline –

Victim Location 77450

Total money lost $269.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 4/28/2017, a red, blue or white screen takes over your computer, with explicit instructions and warnings of what will happen to your data if you do not follow their instructions explicitly. You are directed to call a 844 number to remove the prisoner screen from your computer and that a famous (I believe Microsoft) technician will repair your computer and release it back to you. The person answering the phone assures you he is a Microsoft Technician, James Moore at 844-756-4500, Ext. MS 4209. Questions as to whether you are talking to Microsoft to resolve the problem are diverted or ignored. He offers to "clean" your computer and removed the fake virus. They take control of your computer via "www.helpme.net" They then go in and install free Malware Bytes, put up a Norton Icon, and run the Microsoft Virus protection already installed on your computer. They also add CC Cleaner to speed up your computer. A high pressure demanding person (a woman with an accent) comes on the phone and demands that you pay them $269.00 for one year protection with various steps up to $1,000. approx. for a multi year contract. They prefer a money order, check or cash to credit or debit cards. The protection didn’t work completely after nearly a month. A call to 1-844-452-3862 to repair or tune up gets you to an unintelligible foreign person (sounds like India) in a very noisy call center. They are given your customer number for the purported repair. Accent is so bad and background is so noisy that many people would hang up. They run MalwareBytes again and give you back your computer. They tell you they are in Denver. I began to believe it was a scam when on 6/12/2017 I got hacked again by a Scam Virus called Zeus where they had me call the same number UNS Denver for repair. I asked the person who anwered specific questions as to whether he was an employee of Microsoft, his badge number and other questions whereas he hung up on me. I rebooted my computer and the Zeus virus has not come back. I believe this is a scam where they take control of your computer with their malware, have you directed to their company for repair/cleaning, then charge you to get rid of the virus they put on your computer in the first place. The area code numbers along with the next three digits of the complete phone number shown on the malware to call for repairs are identical to UNS which is to me more than coincidential. Bottom line, they hack your computer, lock it up, then demand you call them to have it repaired for a price. I will assist or discuss with ScamPulse.com or law enforcement only via email, but not by phone unless I can verify whom I am speaking with before the call. I have disputed the UNS charge as being a purported fraud with my credit card company. They have blocked my card from further charges from UNS Denver. The credit card company is also investigating at my request.

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