Universal Real Estate Brokerage

Jerome –

Victim Location 56733

Total money lost $16,883

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

They got a hold of me by telephone telling me they could sell my timeshare for $21,000.00. They were very convincing that I would get this price and then it started to where I had to wire money to Mexico for my money of selling this timeshare. I made 4 large amount of money wired to Mexico and still haven’t received my money. Now they want another large amount of money . When I told them no they got very upset. Keep calling me and they also sent me a letter of customer protection and guarantee that I would receive my money that I sent to Mexico if the sale didn’t go through. Haven’t received any money back.

Jillian –

Total money lost $5,800

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were contacted to sell our our residential time share in Mexico . The offer was $338,000. We were asked to pay $5800 to the Mexican govt and now the are asking for $26,000 to pay for a beautification fee … The web sites seem ligit. Money is in escrow with a company called escrow funding ..150 grand Street white plains New York ..


Leah –

Victim Location 26505

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was contacted by phone and asked if I wanted to sell our membership in a vacation place in Mexico that we have had for 10 years. After offering a generous price and opening an escrow account in Mexico and depositing the full amount into the account. we were asked to deposit a "registration fee directly to the Mexican government" which will be reimbursed after the closing. This is part of the "preliminary closing package" the broker said. see attached sales agreement.

We walked away after the request to send money. No loss of money.

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