Unknown – posing as the government offering a federal grant

Mario –

Victim Location 78724

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’ve had several people call me from a Washington, DC number. Both claimed they work for the federal government and are offering you a grant. Both had thick accents–one seemed Chinese, another seemed to be Indian. First of all, the Federal government does not employ foreign nationals as full-time staff, as you must be required to get a government security clearance for those roles. Foreign nationals are not eligible to receive a government security clearance. If they were converted to US citizens, they COULD be allowed a clearance. But, regardless, I would not expect a clearance-holding, US citizen to have such a strong accent. The individuals claimed I was being awarded a special grant through ARRA (the Wallstreet Bailout package, as it’s known in laymen’s terms). There is no more money to be given out under ARRA, and government certainly wouldn’t waste it on a random citizen with no ties to any research or development institution! They claim you have to wire them funds as an advance in order to receive the full amount of the grant. Obviously, don’t do that.

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