UPS, Bank of America

Dominic –

Victim Location 68434

Type of a scam Phishing

I list this as a phishing scam because it used both UPS and Bank of America (neither should have the phone number that wasn’t called), but it may also be a variant of the "Can you hear me?" scam or fake invoice. I got a call in the afternoon asking if (my name) was available. I replied "speaking" rather than "yes." The thing is, there is no reason the scammer should have been able to connect my name and cell phone number as well some of my work information and tried to get clarification on that as well. Then he claimed there was a problem with a delivery for a place I work, at which point I told him I was not expecting a delivery and even if there was such a delivery, I would not be the one placing the order or having anything to do with such an order. The caller hung up at this point.

Other things about the caller included an Eastern accent and poor English, similar to what you would hear from a foreign, tech support call center. I am not aware of any money lost yet, but that may change. What scares me is the scammer’s knowledge of my personal information, connecting my private cell phone number (which only my places of employement and friends have), with a place of employment and specific job. If the scammer has this information (with no reason to have this information), then he probably has other important personal information.

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