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Oscar –

Victim Location 36010

Type of a scam Employment

i was initially contacted by e-mail.the e-mail was from a job site called career builders to whom i had applied and put in a resume for work at home employment.the e-mail contained an email address to reply to and a job notification also stated that i was choosen for a position as a logistic manager work from home opportunity.of course i replied.the next day i received a link taking me to what was called a virtual workplace there it gave instruction on what to do next as well as diffrent aspects of the company,such as pay it stated that the position paid $2650.00 a month with $25.00 bonus for every package that was mailed out within a 12 hour period.all shipping labels were downloaded from v-workplace and printed out on your also stated that packages would be coming to you in different peoples names but with address,which it was explained that that helped them keep track of the packages.then you were to take off old labels and apply the one that you printed out.then take to fed-ex and get a receipt.well needless to say all the labels worked.once they could track the package you were rewarded the $25.00 in you virtual workplace and would receive payment 30 days after test package was complete.i received and shipped a total of 19 packages that ranged from blenders to vacuum cleaners,and other valued items.i would receive phone calls,and notices on workplace board what was coming in my 30th day rolled around no pay showed up i called those numbers i had been previously receiving phone calls from no answer ,voicemail with no reply,and disconnected or changed recording.then i knew!!! i didn,t want to except it but i had to i had been scammed.!!!! i even received a message stating that i was doing such a good job that they were considering me to manag a store that they would looking into opening in my hometown.BOY BIG LOLLYPOP THERE RIGHT?my ex sent me a link to a vid that was on the news about this scam todays after i realized i had been scammed.GREAT TIMING RIGHT?i lost no money but i am sure other people did,and i apoligize for my ignorant part in it.i thought it was legit because it came from a well known employment help time i put in yes is valuable but to me that,s nothing compared to those who were stolen from by means of stolen credit cards or identity theft or what ever other means that these predators use.i hope this was helpful!

Jacob –

Victim Location 32905

Type of a scam Employment

Ellos te contratan para que recibas y reenvies paquetes atravez de Fedex. Acambio te pagan un sueldo de $6,675 mensuales mas bonos de $25,00 por paquete entregado a tiempo.


They hire you to receive and send packages through Fedex. Acambio pay you a salary of $ 6,675 monthly plus bonuses of $ 25.00 per package delivered on time.

Philip –

Victim Location 40508

Type of a scam Employment

Im an 18 year old girl in her second year of college. i just moved into an apartment with my significant other. Money was running way too low, there was nothing coming in from his income and my job wasn’t paying enough. So i signed up on and a company for a shipping and receiving specialist found me online and messaged me saying i fit the criteria they’re looking for. Within minutes i dumbly signed a contract and for one month i received packages to my home with a different name each time on each package. they said i had a salary pay of $2650 and next month would be $3300. on 11-26-17 i was supposed to get my first salary of $2900 ($25 extra for each package i shipped out within 24 hours) and they wont return any calls or emails or messages. they’ve deleted any incoming packages i had. now i have two packages here in my home that don’t belong to me and i have no idea what will happen now. my rent is due friday and i can’t afford it or any other bill. we will likely be evicted from our home. please do not agree to US Company, please. don’t be a naive college student like me and fall for the bills. i just wanted to make sure my boyfriend and i could be stable enough together but the lies ruined our lives. i don’t know how to tell him

Jenny –

Victim Location 85756

Type of a scam Employment

Was told I got a job as a logistics manager. Was told i would be paid on a monthly basis and all i had todo was recieve packages, hold on to them and whe told have them ready to be dropped of at a fedex, usps etc. where they would be sent out. I am just unsure of what to think, seems to good to be true. They also stated after my 31 probation period i can get insurance as well as other benefits like a normal business offers.

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