US Connect Solution

Matthew –

Victim Location 10566

Total money lost $699

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was searching on the internet for a short movie for my son. A warning of a virus popped up on my computer. I tried closing the browser, running the antivirus software and shutting off the computer. Nothing worked so I called the phone number on the warning believing it was an official tech service number. The tech stated he needed to access my computer remotely in order to assess the problem. He had me type in “iexplore” to gain access to my computer. Once in, I was told and shown on the computer that my antivirus software was an old version that didn’t work with Windows 10. I was shown and told my IP address was public and had been hacked. On the program Notepad, I was told to provide my name, email, phone number, mailing address and credit card info to get a break down of the charges. I was charged $110 for an Advance ID Protector, $40 for an Advance Clean Up of two computers, $50 Technician Charge and a $499 3 year web security service contract. The 1 year service contract would have cost $450. I told them the fees were too high and that I would not need a service contract but was told that the problem would only come back. Also, was taken to a website that showed the $499.00 cost for one professional tech service from Microsoft. I was told all these services were necessary to remove Porn Trojans, Viruses, Spyware, Ransomware, hackers and be protected from future attacks. The first attempt to charge my credit card was declined. The rep told me this is common because of the amount of the charge. He told me to call my bank, however he called my bank on a three way call, to have me ask them to approve the charge for $699.00. He was listening to the bank rep ask me security questions. I told him I was not comfortable having him on the call so I called the bank on a different phone line to get the charge approved. After the fake service on both computers was completed, I was told to go to my email to open an email from them. The document was a Docusign which then revealed that they were a third party servicer with no association with any brand. The rep click the document to give the appearance of my approval. I am not a tech savvy person and believed the service was real but costly especially around this time of year. I knew something was wrong after I tried to go to their website and got a big warning sign on my browser. Then I looked up the company on a google search and came across a domestic tech scam link warning about this this type of phony tech service out of Florida that was scamming people. This link explains how the scam works:

The address for US Connect Solutions Inc. found on a website is 2650 Lake Shore Drive, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. So, now I have contacted my bank to dispute this charge. However, I begin my uphill battle because of them getting me to get the charge approved and the letter they electronically signed for me.

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