Us dept. Of Grants

Jay –

Victim Location 65270

Type of a scam Government Grant

Told me about being approved for a federal grant. And keeps hanging up on me no info.

Trisha –

Victim Location 78957

Type of a scam Government Grant

Phone Call saying your name has been drawn for 9000.00 Government Grant. To be funded by Federal Bank of New York, Capital Reserve. Original call from 202-596-8478. Processer then told me to call the 929-314-4391 number to get instructions for the payment. Talked to Ron Marcus at ext. 172. Ron explained to me that I needed to go to a Wal-Mart or other Store that could wire Money. He ask me to Call him at that time from the parking lot. When I did he ask me to go in the store with him on the phone (So he could Hear?) get Forms to wire the money then come out to my car and he would help me fill them out to send in my 200.00 Registration fee. He said it would be refunded to me when the Bank sent the money in wire back to me. He said not to tell the Cashier that I was getting that amount back so I would not have to pay the wire fee on the 9200.00 wire. I then told him that they used a PC to fill out the form at Wal-Mart so no form was available. This seemed to confuse him. He clearly wanted me to send the 200.00 to him saying I would receive a wire back with my Grant Money. I told him I would get back to him. I then went by my Bank to verify that it was a Scam and did not call him back. They (Scammers) have called me back in the form of a recorded message saying I have a Grant for 7k now available but I forgot to save the phone number for you. I knew this was a scam early on but after many phone calls a Lady called that sounded very convincing so I played along to be sure. In the end all they offer is for you to send them 200.00 and expect to get your Grant. We know that would not happen and they would just disappear. So I got this much info for you to look at. The phone # they called on shows up on my phone as a Washington DC Phone #. I hope you can get in touch with them and bust them. I know that the numbers possible get changed and my info may not help much. I did look at your Scam Tracker and try to find something on this Scam and it said no Scams were reported. That’s when I decided to go along with them for a while to get more info on the process.

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