Shanna –

Victim Location 27858

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call from 45643456, from a man identifying himself as Nathan Curtis. Upon answering i was told I would receive an grant from the US DHHS in the amount of $9,200. I was told I was receiving this grant because I pay my taxes on time and have no criminal record. I was asked how I plan to use the money. I was given a confirmation code : GG2080 and told to call call (315) 888-3018 and follow the instructions to receive my grant money today. I then looked up the phone number and found this website ( others that had been scammed by the people pretending to be the US DHHS. So I began reading one of the stories to the man on the line and he asked who called me I told him that I did not receive a call, but was in fact reading an encounter that I had located in the internet from someone else they had scammed at that time the gentleman began yelling obscenities in my ear and I disconnected the phone call.

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