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Tyrone – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 54729

Total money lost $91.25

Type of a scam Tax Collection

When entering a google search for FAA aircraft registration the above web site comes up first. It looks and appears as a government website. So I fill in the form and realize right after I give them my credit card that is is not the US government FAA web site but a "service" that will get my registration filled out. The FAA or government charges $5 for the service and this scammer/phisher charges $365.00! I did all I could to cancel and the scammer/phisher did return $273.75 of my charges. After a long dispute with my credit card company there is no recourse. Please alert all others that there are scammer out there pretending to perform government services but for exorbitant fees. I think google should be held accountable for their dubious search algorithms too. Type in FAA aircraft registration and not get an FAA web site is crazy too.

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