US Federal Grant Office

Tabitha – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 46808

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call from a individual who identified themselves as a Federal Officer. They then asked me my name and if they could forward a MoneyGram to a local store they then asked me to pay a $250 processing fee. They haven’t called her number back several times to release the funds.

Marissa – Jul 25, 2020

Type of a scam Government Grant

Was contacted by somebody I know on Facebook and told to about this grant for home improvement for $150000 and you just have to get $500 in gift cards. I knew it was a scam. I’m not stupid but things mike this piss me off. Have the complete conversation on my phone. They are still talking to me.

Tyrone –

Victim Location 79346

Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said I have been chosen by the government for a $9,200 grant because I have no criminal record and no bank currency. Then she said we will need to register you so they can send the money from state to state with no extra fees. But I will need $198 for the registration and that money will be reimbursed right away.

Kari –

Victim Location 45429

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received calls all day from numbers that came up Washington DC. (202) 891-1753, (202) 801-7560, (202) 801-5708 and

2 times from (202) 801-0089.

When I answered the call from the number (202) 891-1753 the female spoke with a deep voice slowly and deliberately. I felt she was trying to hide an accent. She stated because I paid my bills on time and didn’t file a bankruptcy that I was one of 1500 people in Ohio picked to receive a federal grant in the amount of $9200. She asked if I wanted to give my bank account number or go to a Western Union location to receive my money where I would have to provide a photo ID and call 1-844-200-1615 and reference AJ2891.

The call was also very noisy and her voice broke up quite a bit.

At one point I told her this sounds too good to be true. She responded defensively, "its true or I wouldn’t be calling you from the US Federal Grant office".

Randy –

Victim Location 94517

Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller identifies themselves as from the Federal Grant office telling me there is free money for me.   I don’t waste my time listening to sales pitch.

Maggie –

Victim Location 73139

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call from Greg Tyler saying that I earned some government grant money due to maintaining proper credit, taxes, social security and whatnot. He told me to call 646-854-7855 and provide a grant verification code: DM127. Another time I got a call from Larry Richard for the same thing. He provided this his ID number: AR54813 at one point during our conversation. He said they could deposit the money in my bank account or I could go to a federal credit union or Walgreens. They said all I had to do was pay a $200 processing fee first. However, before submitting anything I did my research and was informed multiple times that this was a scam.

Sophia –

Victim Location 51501

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told i was selected to receive a 9000.$ grant. He asked for me to verify my name and address then gave me 3 opitions how i wanted the money transfered to me. Bank account deposit upload to a credit card or through western union. I told him i wanted to have it in the form of a check. And he said the goverment was giving me the 3 options and a check wasnt one of them i have been doing online surveys and questioners to make a few extra dollars and this is were they r getting my number and info

Claire –

Victim Location 43440

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’ve received numerous calls about this Federal Grant Office telling me that I’m entitled to 9,000 dollars. They want you to call their phone number and give them a claim number to get your money.

Dominic –

Victim Location 01760

Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller identified himself as a government agent for the federal agency of grants and said that I had been selected based on my demographics for her to receive a $9000 grant from the government that I could use to repair my house or pay back my taxes he had previously identified that the reason I’ve been selected is because I had paid my taxes and wasn’t loyal to the government I then told him that this was probably counterproductive because I had apparently paid all my taxes per his earlier statement he then hung up on me

Donna –

Victim Location 30650

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Government Grant

Said he was with federal grant agency, I would receive 9,000.00 due to, I always paid my taxes, never filed for bankruptcy and was due to receive this grant. I asked several times if this was a scam, he kept instancing that it was not. He said to go to a western union office, and would receive my confirmation numbers. Then he wanted me to buy $250.00 of "app store itunes gift cards". At that point I should have said no, but he kept instancing that it wasn’t a scam…. But I did!!! Please don’t fall for this.

Hector –

Victim Location 15219

Type of a scam Government Grant

Consumer received call from an agent claiming to be from the Federal Government Grant Office informing her she was choosen for a $9000 grant and she could either have it deposited into her bank acccount or have it sent to a check cashing place or Walmart. Called from 202-649-0253. Consumer did not give any information out and the agent got annoyed.

Carmen –

Victim Location 17055

Type of a scam Government Grant

Today 9/15/2016 I received a call from someone named Max Cooper, telephone # 202-856-5826. He said he was calling from the Government Federal Grant Office and I was selected to received a grant of $9,000. This was a one time offer to assist with any debts. I was questioned about my address and whether I was working. I was asked where I wanted to collect my grant money and I told him, Walmart. I was given a code number BD456 and a call back number 360-928-6324. I was told to call this number as soon as the call was disconnected. Mr. Cooper called again and told me he had given me the wrong call back number and provided me with a new number 202-798-2613, which I was to call once our call was disconnected. I called the number and spoke to a woman named Cindy Williams, x1825. I was told I needed to go to the nearest Rite Aid and purchase an Activation Voucher as Walmart and the other companies do not have an agreement with the government. I asked what will the activation voucher do. I was told to purchase $300 on an iTunes card. The woman inquired how far was Rite Aid from my location. I told her 10 mins. Ms. Williams wanted to stay on the phone while I traveled to Rite Aid and I told her I will call back. I was instructed to call back before I enter the store.

Jesse –

Victim Location 37660

Type of a scam Government Grant

this person is calling from Alexandria, NY from a Time Warner communications VoIP. They are clamming that i won a federal grant and they are trying to get my information. They keep calling me at least 20 times today. when told not to call again, they keep calling, told them to leave me alone, the refuse

Mathew –

Victim Location 97301

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a call from a restricted number stating I was selected to receive a free grant of $9000 then provided me with this number 360-205-7066 and conformation I’d # to call then provide the id# to begin the process to get the money I called then was asked how i would like to receive the money direct deposit or money gram I selected money gram from the nearest walmart they then asked that I pay a $300 registration fee which would also be sent back along with the $9000 within 30 minutes of the transaction sounded like a scam so didn’t go through with it but I’m not sure it was a scam

Brent –

Victim Location 83869

Type of a scam Government Grant

David Martin from Federal Grant Office called to give me a one time grant of 6700.00 I just had to go to Walmart and wire 250.00 they then would send me 6950.00 back

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