Us federal resources

Bryce –

Victim Location 78852

Type of a scam Government Grant

They have been calling maybe 3 times a day I used to tell them to stop calling until I started going along with it. They asked me to provide them with my card number and they would take the $3.91 for fees, I gave them a fake card number they ran the card and said it didn’t have a balance so I asked them to give me their website they said I would get it in my email, which by the way they have my email and address, I started asking questions about their credibility, by *** *** *** had no idea what to say he kept saying it was a federal grant ran by a private organization he told me I was wasting his time and that he makes about 3k every week I asked where I apply to get a job with them and he said they’re not hiring anyone. I then told him I was finding a lot of claims that said that they the company he mention was a scam and he told me to look up on and that they haven’t been taken out because they only have 19 reports and they need 1k to be taken off. I tried to get him to tell me the name of the company he claims is the private company but he proceed to tell me “*** ** *** *** *** ** ***” and he hung up this call lasted 30 min so I hope I was able to delay some scam calls the callers name is Garry he said he could give me his number and game me my own number

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