US Gaming Commission Impostor

Tyrone –

Victim Location 33025

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I have received several calls from someone claiming to be the US Gaming Commission. I was told that I had won $750,000 from Publisher’s Clearing House but I had missed them. They had come to my home and rang my doorbell. I knew this was not true and told the caller it was untrue and they hung up on me. The second call they told me the same, that I’d won $750,000 from PCH but the guy wanted to gather my personal info so that he could provide me with a tracking number. I would not provide the info so he hung up on me. The most recent call I received the caller told me his name was Brandon and that he was again with US Gaming Commission and that he had the $750,000 I’d won through PCH waiting on me in Florida. He said they’s tried to deliver a package to me but were unable to deliver. He gave me a phone # 866-978-7675 and a tracking # DPL1844US to reference regarding my winnings. I called the number out of curiosity and was told that I would need to pay $750 to an accountant to hold and once I received the check I would get the $750 back. I did not give anything. I advised the person that I would refuse the package if received.

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