US Gov Grant Dept

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 27104

Type of a scam Government Grant

Man with a foreign accent called my cell phone to inform me I had been awarded a $9000.00 US Gov. Grant. Free for having a good credit report and paying my taxes on time. (made no sense to me to be rewarded for something that I was legally obligated to do). I was told I did not have to pay this money back, ever! Suspicions continued. I was given a number to call with a confirmation number to learn how to receive the grant that had been awarded to my name.The phone number for the verification department given was 914.500.8932. The confirmation # was HN1086. I called the number out of complete curiosity and disbelief. The gentleman I spoke with, again with a foreign accent, said the grant was awarded by Human Services of the US Government. Said I had a choice of how to receive the money: either a wire transfer into my bank account or cash by Western Union. He did tell me my city and zip code. Too suspicious, but kept talking to learn more so I could report a possible scam. To receive the cash from Western Union, I was instructed to go to any Wall Mart to get a registration card to verify my Western Union pick up. He said as soon as I arrive in the Wall Mart parking lot to call him on my cell phone before going in to get my registration card from the store. I thought, "RIGHT! Give him an opportunity to mug and rob me". He said to bring my cell phone and a photo id. I told him it was just too suspicious so I hung up.

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