US Gov. Health Human Ser.

Linda –

Victim Location 28327

Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller said she was calling from US Government, Health and Human Services in Washington, DC. She said my name had been drawn for a one time payment from the government. It was classified as a "Loyalty Grant" and was non-taxable and did not have to be repaid. She identified herself as Angela Stave(?) Badge ID# 10328. The grant amount was $9,000! All I had to do was call the phone number she was going to give me and tell them the ID# which she was also going to give me. When I confronted her about this being a scam she insisted that it was legitimate and that all I had to do was call. She repeated several times that no one was going to ask for my bank account number or personal information. I did not call the number that she gave, as I am sure this is a scam.

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