US Grant & Treasury Department

Brandon –

Victim Location 45686

Type of a scam Government Grant

ATTENTION SCAM ALERT: I just received a call from +1 (202) 747-6231

Washington, DC, telling me that I was selected to receive $7,000 in federal grant money and they were going to send it to a Western Union near me and all I had to do was call 1-202-747-0283 and give them the confirmation number mm1052 and they will send the money. I googled $7,000 federal grant and it came up as a scam. This company called me back so I asked for his name, Ryan Sanders, and he said he worked for the US Grant and Treasury Department. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he got hostile with me and told me to go to and look at the personal grants on that page…after I asked to speak to his supervisor he put me on hold…I waited about five minutes and realized he wasn’t coming back on the line.

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