US Grants

Alexander –

Victim Location 32548

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told I had been selected to recieve a grant in excess of $14,000. They just needed to verify my information< including one of three ways the money could be deposited. Bank account, debit card, pre paid card.

Bryan –

Victim Location 83634

Type of a scam Government Grant

a mr Mathew Johnson called and said I was to receive a fax free no charge government grant of $9700. due to a 2009 American recovery act. the phone number given for me to call was 320-348-0396 . he had said he was at ext. 9017. he gave me an id number of 5757 and a transaction code of 0867508266. I was told to call the financial dept. at the 320 area code number.the money was going to be sent to a local Walmart. he said not a loan. I am to show picture id at Walmart. he had an indian accent and it was noisy in the background like maybe a big call center.

Mark –

Victim Location 71263

Type of a scam Government Grant


Savannah –

Victim Location 84067

Type of a scam Government Grant

Yesterday received a phone call saying I qualified for a $9000.00 USGov. Grant. I was given the phone number 646-902-5053 and an access code to give that number. I did not call. Today I received a call from the same person as yesterday @ 646-517-4605 and told to call right now. I did call and spoke with Nisha who told me to go to the nearest Western Union and register with a security deposit of $250.00. Once verified that I paid they would send me a text with code to receive my $9000 plus $250.00. I felt this was a scam and reported it.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 21158

Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said that I was picked for a US Grant for $3900 because I had no bankruptcy I paid my bills and I had no criminal record and I do not need to repay the money. They told me to call 315–332 -1364. And use ID code GG7017. I did not call them back I just wanted to report it. I live in Carroll County Maryland.

Brianna –

Victim Location 74954

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Government Grant

There saying if I give them 250.00 they will give me a grant of 9500.

Dylan –

Victim Location 37036

Type of a scam Government Grant

My number was turned in to be contacted for a Grant for 9000.00

Alberto –

Victim Location 46901

Type of a scam Government Grant

He said that my name came up for US grants. I told him I was listening. He asked if I was understanding what he was saying, I said go ahead…. he hung up.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 63033

Type of a scam Government Grant

Asking $500.00 in order to receive a $20,000 grant

Bethany –

Victim Location 38138

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from 202-780-6019 and a message was left stating that they were giving money away. They said that they had $15,000 in grant money to give away and that I was due $9,200. I just needed to call them back at 202-780-6019. I did not call them. I called the BBB instead.

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