US Legal Group

Natalie –

Victim Location 92130

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called with my name and social security number. Said it was related to a previous account that I had with my bank. Said they had sent me legal documents (they also had my current address), which they have not. Said that legal action would be taken against me if I didn’t call back in 5 days.

Hilary –

Victim Location 44224

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from Jim Allen with US Legal Group stating I had a pending civil matter that he needed to speak to me about. First he called my cell phone and didn’t leave a voicemail, 3 hours later he called my direct work line and left a voicemail. I contacted him back and advised I believed I had already paid the bank account off. Being unsure completely I agreed to a payment but once I received the paperwork via email I noticed on a notarized document my social was incorrect. I contacted the company back and spoke with Ray Silva and they edited a notarized document from 2007 and sent it back to me. When I questioned how he was able to edit a notarized document he couldn’t give me a straight answer. The notarized document they sent me was in a Word document and not a PDF. The amount they agreed to changed multiple times. First they said $750.00 then $600.00 if I could get the payment soon. I asked to reduce it to $500.00 and they agreed. Once I started questioning Ray Silva said he could accept the original balance of $315. I received an email from my car finance company the next day thanking for me for calling the day before, except I didn’t call them. After researching I believe it was this "collection company" impersonating me to get my direct work number because that is what was asked for in the call. The paperwork this "collection company" has sent me has multiple errors in spelling and layout. I also took all of the information they provided to US Bank and they advised that they believe it to be a fraud and that they don’t work directly with this company. US Bank sold my debt many years ago so they wouldn’t work directly with the bank any longer because the bank no longer has the debt. I sent this company paperwork showing that I paid the US Bank debt already and if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to open a checking account because I was in checks system and flagged. After I paid the US Bank debt I opened a checking account 1 1/2 months later. I have tried contacting the collection company I paid but they have since gone out of business. I advised Ray Allen that I would not be paying this debt because I already have and US Bank believes it is a fraud. I also advised him that I filed a police report on this. He stated he was forwarding the complaint and hung up on me. When I search for this company nothing shows up, most collection companies you can find when searching online for them. When a debt collection company calls they also advise you that they are a debt collection company and any information provided will be used for that purpose. This was never said in any of the phone calls with this "collection company".

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