US Marshal imposter

Ronnie –

Victim Location 97212

Type of a scam Phishing

A man called my home, claiming to be a US Marshal. Telling me I missed a special jury summons. That I was sent two notices in the mail which I supposedly signed and returned. That I had to pay nearly $3000 bond in order to not be put into jail and had to come downtown to his office and do a signature comparison analysis in order to be cleared. That a judge had put a warrant out for me if I did not comply. That my children would be taken into care (oh and I’m 8-1/2 months pregnant). He told me to give him my mobile number and that he would give me step by step instructions. I must bring only cash and meet him at the downtown Portland Marshal office. I asked if I could bring a bank cashiers check (he said no; we said no to bringing cash; he said he was sending marshals to my residence; we hung up). No marshals showed. I had attempted calling the downtown Portland marshal office while this was occurring but left a message (I since have spoken to the real Marshals).

I didn’t go to my bank. I didn’t go to "meet" them. They have made no further contact.

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