US Marshalls Office

Douglas –

Victim Location 83706

Type of a scam Phishing

The man on the phone claimed to be Lt. Ale Marshall Kemp from the US Marshalls Office saying there was a warrant out for my arrest for failure to appear for Grand Jury Duty in May, 2016. When I questioned him saying I never received notice for grand jury duty (as I have for regular jury duty by mail), he said I was the one who had to prove that I didn’t. He got very belligerant and went thru a lot of talk about vouchers (Sec.2) and I was to go to Rite Aid and get 3 green dot money pack cards for $500. each and that Rite Aid could tack on another $250 charge for doing so. When I told him I didn’t have that kind of cash, he said go to the bank and get it. I kept telling him I didn’t believe him and he kept talking faster and faster. He said I was to go immediately and I told him I couldn’t (I stalled), he wanted to know why. He said I was to call him when I got in my car, (He was going to keep me on the line thru out this) and I should keep track of my mileage. Fortunately, I had a repairman come to the door and I said I could not go then. He did hang up. I called the local BBB, who recommended I call the Boise Police dept. which I did. The woman I spoke to immediately had me call the US Attorneys office which was very glad to get the information. She said I will probably get a call from the IRS next and they are hitting this area big. Even tho I knew it was a scam and kept questioning him – telling him how did I know he was from the US Marshalls office, he said if they came to my house they would arrest me. It was very intimidating.

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