US Treasury Grants Department

Marissa –

Victim Location 43412

Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller did not give his name or phone number but that he was an enforcement officer for the US Treasury Grants Department.. He had a very strong accent. It was from a call center,. There was a good deal of background noise. Caller stated I qualified for a $9200.00 grant that I wouldn’t have to pay back. He said because I had good credit, no bankruptcy that I qualified. It can be used to pay off bills, repair or remodel my house or for vacation. I gave bogus details about myself. Single, 21, unemployed and that my zipcode was 45243 (OH), filed bankruptcy 2 months ago. Can I still get the money and go on vacation? He said yes. Gave an option to have it wired to a checking account or by money gram to walmart, cvs, walgreens or kroger. Said to call Courtney Williams the senior account manager when I go to pick up my moneygram. Give approval code DK255, Courtney will help me with the moneygram.

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