USA government grants

Jodi –

Victim Location 79936

Type of a scam Government Grant

18 year old son recieved a call from Washington state, from 206-257-3599,, telling him he had been awarded a 9 thousand dollar government grant. They said this was a type of hardship grant, although he never has applied for any such monies or funds of any type. They asked for a 275 dollar registration fee, which could be sent via western union; INSTANT RED FLAG Number 3. I called them to ask questions but was talked over with vague responses and never really had one question answered other than the name of their website, and was promptly hung up on when I became frustrated and asked for them to allow me to speak.

I viewed the Web site and all comments said it was a scam, just as I knew.

I then called back again to have my son’s name and number removed from their call list. First call, they quickly said ok and hung up, without even asking his name or number . Second call, I asked for a manager, told no..that they could help, I gave sons info and asked them to repeat it to make sure they had it, but they could not recite it, then hung up a 4th time. I called back to inform them that if they attempted to call him or I, that I would report them. ..Lady actually laughed and said "You can try, but we will just continue with our business" .called me a derogatory name ( nosey B#! [email protected]), and then hung up again. To note, they had a previously selected western union location near where we live selected and told him to go there and send the money requested. They told my son that this location, on 1831 Zaragoza Road, El paso texas, (with a reference number given him, KR258), worked with them, and had been in practice with them to provide secure transactions. All you could hear in the background were foreign accents and tons of telemarketers.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 37115

Type of a scam Government Grant

This person called me from a DC # 202-657-6869 telling me I have been selected for a 8500 dollar grant. So I proceeded to listen to the "sizzle" and I agreed. Once that finished I was to call another number 202-239-1933 and speak with manager. Make a long story short, I told them I wanted to donate my money to the Dept. Of Justice because they are going to have a lot of things come up with the rash of police shootings. I did not want to pay the 250 dollar moneygram fee. They also give you a website that I do not think it is theirs

Charlotte –

Victim Location 75701

Type of a scam Government Grant

The consumer was contact by a Rebecca Dawson from USA Government Grants. The number that showed up on the consumers phone was 202-000-0000. She told the consumer that he was eligible to receive a $7,000.00 grant from the government. The consumer was given the code RG101 and was told to call 315-750-4160. The consumer called the number and spoke with a man who told him that in order to release the $7,000.00 the consumer needed to go to Wal-Mart and send a money gram in the amount of $230.00. The consumer then hung up the phone and the consumer stated that they did not give out any personal information.

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