Christy –

Victim Location 95726

Type of a scam Romance

I was contacted through email. I will attach some portions of the email below.

The first email arrived with only "[email protected], here is my mailbox!" in the body and Re:[email protected] in the subject header.

I made the mistake of replying and "Who are you?" and then received the email back with

*** hey there!

"It says you’re online now… want to chat?

I’m a 30 years old housewife looking for an affair. I am willing to try ANYTHING in the bedroom 😉 are you interested?

If you want to see my selfies, you can view them here: link *** ***"

I replied asking who they were, how they got my email and that I wouldn’t click on some random link to join some website.

I requested an explanation, she replied trying to get me to click that same web link to join

She stopped replying after my last inquiry.

My wife did email her and got the same "I am willing to try ANYTHING in the bedroom……" email back

According to google the link they sent sends you to which redirects you to but the message is the same as this spam report located here.

<span title="… />
I was not taken for any money although this was damaging, it was insulting to both my wife and I who read this, but the stress that it also caused was hurtful. I feel the ultimate goal was of course to get me to sign up for a pay for sex site of some kind although there was allot of odd code in bedded in the email, our email did not run the code. This might have been an attempt and phishing our computers.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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