Erik –

Victim Location 61401

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Potential auto sale contacted me via Craigslist, wanting me to purchase a vehicle history report through a specific vendor (likely fake). Email return address also revealed cyrillic letters.

It’s really not worthwhile coming without the report, because I don’t wanna come for nothing if the report is not good. let me know if you decide to get the report, and if we make a deal, I’ll repay you for it.

Best regards,

???, 13. ??? 2019. ? 00:43 craigslist *** ?? ???????/??:

Right – feel free to use this service, and get back to me if you are interested.

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From: Richard ***

Sent: ?Saturday?, ?January? ?12?, ?2019 ?5?:?34? ?PM

To: 9bz5w-***

Thanks for offering Carfax but I’m sorry to say I really can’t trust them anymore. I have used it before, until I noticed they are missing some stuff on the report, like some accidents not showing up on the report. And on top of that they are really expensive! So I talked to my mechanic about it and he said that he has the same problems with Carfax and that’s why he’s using They are not as popular as Carfax but they are a lot cheaper and you will be amazed at the details they provide. I’m sorry for being so picky but I don’t want to make a bad decision. Let me know if you get it and if everything is clean I can come tomorrow and we can make a deal.

Looking forward to doing business with you,

???, 12. ??? 2019. ? 22:46 craigslist *** ?? ???????/??:

No problem. I’ve mentioned all of the upgrades I’ve made on it in the ad: brakes and slotted/drilled rotors, cabin filter, oil and trans fluid changes. The only item I can think of is that I replaced the front dome lights with brighter LEDs when one of the incandescents went out.

I’ve attached the CarFax report I received from the dealership when I purchased it. Along with the new tires a year ago, I had one of the wheels replaced due to a vibration. It’s been great since!

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From: Richard *** Sent: ?Saturday?, ?January? ?12?, ?2019 ?12?:?12? ?PM

To: 9bz5w-***

Thanks for your answer. Have you replaced any parts or accessories on the car? Also, is there any vin check you could provide me with?

Hope to hear from you soon,

???, 12. ??? 2019. ? 16:36 craigslist *** ?? ???????/??:

Hi – All of the features work great: seat warmers, nav, Bluetooth, awd, et c. I’ve had no problems with this vehicle at all.

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From: Richard ***

Sent: ?Saturday?, ?January? ?12?, ?2019 ?9?:?05? ?AM

To: 9bz5w-***

Hello, Are there any features on the car that don’t work the way they’re supposed to?

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