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One of our attorneys received this email from company. We just wanted to report it to make sure no one else falls for this ploy to get you to purchase items from the "fake award". This is the body of the email:

From: Margaret O’Leary – US Commerce & Trade Research Institute [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2015 1:42 PM

Subject: selected for 2015 Virginia Excellence by USCTRI


On behalf of the US Commerce & Trade Research Institute, I wanted to let you know that Carrell Blanton Garrett has been recognized as a 2015 Virginia Excellence Award recipient. Please direct this to the appropriate contact should it not happen to be you since I shall not be sending any further communication.

Our panel of industry executives and consultants oversees an annual survey commissioned by the USCTRI on various categories and determines which companies meet and exceed the industry benchmarks that have been set forth. Carrell Blanton Garrett was one of those selected this year.

Further details on this selection can be viewed on our website including the press release that was produced for this occasion (which is not distributed till mutual review is complete). To review the award and the accompanying press release please visit and enter the Reference code K3IG0SV on the top right corner of the home page. Or the link below will take you to the appropriate page directly.

View your award and press release here

*Our Media Division will be able to assist with any request for edits in the business name and/or editing the industry specification (more specific than Excellence in …..) to be reflected on the award as well as adding a personalized company description on the press release. There is an option to insert such edits post viewing the award and PR. Should you wish to display awards at multiple locations then do let me know and I can suggest certain options for the same.


Margaret O’Leary

USCTRI – Annual Survey Division

Phone: (202) 629 – 9950

Fax: (202) 629 – 9951

Email: [email protected]

USCTRI Newswire (March Highlight): USCTRI completes its 120th micro-finance through Kiva. The institute’s Global Incubation Initiative has involved assisting several organizations such as Kiva to further its support to businesses in over 40 countries. More information can be found at

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