Stephanie –

Victim Location 30168

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Christie Frimel Mcdanelds told me that she could help me make money using bircoins, all I had to do was fund my account and send the money to an address. Having done all that she than told me to sign up with so that I could monitor the growth of my money and 4 or 5 days later when my "investment " was up to around $50,000 I asked her how I could cash out, she then informed me to contact the company and tell them I wanted to withdraw. I sent an email to the company and was told that in order to withdraw I had to withdraw the full amount and pay 10% up front in order for them to release the money, so when I contact Christie she said omg I should’ve told you that from the jump can you borrow the money can you do this this and that to get the money to pay the fee because I told her I didn’t have that type of money. I then asked what we could do and she started to haggle with me " if you pay this then I’ll pay that" type of thing. I’m pretty certain she’s a scam and I’m forever grateful that I only gave her a small amount and didn’t get scammed out of th

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