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Cory –

Victim Location 03276

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

I went on found a puppy, the site had puppy listed as Manchester, NH.. The person was in Texas. I was a little hesitant til I got an email from [email protected] which looked legit.. I then snet money for dog. Then I get more emails staing various reasons why they couldnt ship dog. Now they say I need to rent a crate and pay for other thins to a total of $1069.00 dollars. Then i knew it was a scam.

The person that say they were the seller says their name was Mrs Jackson Fosi..Dear Client,

The Management and Staff of the USDA Pets Inspectorate regrets to inform you that, the puppy have been grounded at transit airport (OKLAHOMA) by the Pet And Animal Control Department for health reasons and following pet transportation policies. Reasons for the grounding of the puppy has been outline below for your better understands.

The puppy had suffered from a Minor Health Complication on the previous flight from Houston Texas as a result of the harsh weather condition in which the puppy was being shipped plus the Ineffectiveness of the WIRE CRATE in which the puppy was being transported inside. This could be seen from the signs manifested by the puppy as follow;

– Minor Fever

– Decreased Activity Level

– Decreased eating/drinking

– Body Weakness

The puppy have been medically attended to by the State Airport Veterinarian and has been given the best medical care and with a corresponding respond to treatment the puppy is presently in Good Health Condition pending shipping and delivery to ***, NEW HAMPSHIRE today Wednesday October 21st, 2015.

However, the Pet & Animal Control Department will not permit that the puppy be shipped to her destined location inside the same WIRE CRATE. It has been recommended by the State’s Airport VET at the Pet & Animal Control Department that, delivery of the puppy should proceed with the use of either a SOFT – SIDED CRATE or PLASTIC CRATE to ensure the safety of the puppy on a 100% base. You are thus required to pay the sum of $460.00USD for the CRATE RENTAL FEE for the puppy and either of the required crate you choose will be provided in which puppy will be shipped inside.

More so, it was noticed on the Certificate Of Veterinary Inspection that the puppy’s Shots / Vaccination was recently administered, of which vaccination for dogs and cats traveling within the USA and Overseas has to be updated 30 days before the pet is transported on flight. But by records, the puppy’s Shots / Vaccination was administered on Thursday October o8th, 2015 meaning the puppy was vaccinated 13 days ag0 with the vaccines not up to 30 days old which is against Pet Transportation Policy and Regulations which varies from one state to another with local ordinance.

In regard to this, a DNA BLOOD TEST is to be carried out on the puppy by the State Airport Veterinarian to make sure the Shots / Vaccination administered to the puppy is of Positive Effect on the puppy or the puppy will have to be quarantine for a period of 18 days .

In addition to the above, the puppy will has to be Microchip with a new 15 digit identification number issued so that Pet owners are found quickly – In cases where pets are lost or stolen and later found, a quick scan can lead authorities to your contact information and address. As such it required that the puppy be Microchip with a new 15 digit identification number issued in accordance with the information on the New Owner of puppy Mrs. *** *** since the present scan shows up the information of the Previous Owner Mrs, Jackson Fosi .

In total the Receiver/Importer(OWNER) of puppy Mrs. *** *** is required to pay the total Sum of $460.00USD ( Crate Rental Fee ) + $399.00USD( DNA Blood Test) + $210,00USD (Micro-chipping) = $1069.00USD (Total Amount Payable ). (FULLY REFUNDABLE UPON DELIVERY OF THE PUPPY )

We shall appreciate your quick and urgent respond to this situation by ensuring that the requested fee is paid and confirmed for the puppy and our carrier agent to be able to board the destined flight for your location ***, NEW HAMPSHIRE.


We are here at Your Service and for further inquiries, please contact the costumer service at

[email protected]

TEL: +1 (512) 598-0277


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