Utility Plans Inc

Cynthia – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 14215

Total money lost $1,054

Type of a scam Utility

This is a scam being run from Pakistan and they usually contact Asians.

Here is how they operate-

They will call you saying that they can pay your bill (Utility/Credit Card/Phone Bill)and all you have to do is deposit

half the amount in the account details they provide in Money Order/Certified Check/or Cash

after you have verified that your bill is paid.THIS IS BIGGEST RED FLAG.PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THESE GUYS.

If you ask them how can they paying the bill for half the amount they would say the companies give them gift-card for

signing up customers etc which does not have any value so they pay the bill using gift card and get the cash.

What they actually do is they pay the bill using stolen credit card /or friends credit card.After few days they dispute the charge.

Now the credit card company reverses the payment they made and you are out of your money.You cannot recoup the money

cause you paid through certified funds/cash.DONT YOU THINK WHOLE COUNTRY WOULD BE USING THEIR SERVICES IF THEY


They can even say they can do mortgage payment /Tax bill any thing.I have lost 1000$ Please do not fall for these guys.

These are the same guys who were running www.discountzoneca.com.

In their website they are saying they are running operation since 2010 .How come their website is so new???

They use Indian names to make it more convincing.The CEO James John does not exist.ITS a FRAUD.

Pedro – Feb 21, 2020

Victim Location 91325

Type of a scam Utility

I work for a property management company. We manage the entire property and were notified by our broker that someone called him notifying him that he was being harassed for information. The broker contacted me because the address used on the website is on my property which is a vacant suite right now.

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