Kristin – Jul 09, 2020

Victim Location 98001

Total money lost $299.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 06/06/2020, I ordered and attempted to purchase a refurbished Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Nickel/Red for $299.94 which I never received and it was from a fake online website entitled, which I believed was selling refurbished Dyson Products. I checked several things to make sure it was a legit site, but it wasn’t. The company, Digital Labs and/or Vacuumsspot, did not email any confirmations for this purchase, (i.e. no purchase confirmation, no shipping confirmation). Not for lack of trying, many times, I could not contact this fake online company via email or telephone interaction. Company did not return calls or email messages, and no invoices were received from Vacuumsspot, whatsoever. My only a receipt for proof of purchase was issued from since I used them to pay for the purchase. This Company listed a fake invoice number on my receipt of No. WC-4849, and this online order didn’t have any associated order number either. The fake website’s Policy section, informs the customer that it could take around 13 days to receive their product in the United States. When I could not get any response from [email protected] or from the person listed on the receipt, [email protected], I again started researching this website’s information and found that the phone number of 601-456-0513 on their website is fake, and I found that this phone number was also used for another fake website, in April 2020, and this website has also received a complaint through the in April 2020 for "problems with product/services". I found that this phone number was used for multiple fake websites and is actually a google message type machine that automatically answers and transfers phone calls to absolutely no one. It just rings and rings and then returns to the message machine. The phone number isn’t a typical cell or landline phone; I read that these types of phones could be located anywhere, including other Countries like Panama,and have been used to scam customers. This phone system is definitely not located at the address listed on the fake website of 4350 US-70 E. Goldsboro, North Carolina 27534. I found through maps that the address belongs to a Walmart that has been at this address for many years. I tried every way possible to contact someone from this fake company and website, sending emails to their website support address at [email protected] asking where my product was and requested they contact me asap to no avail, and my emails would be returned to me as “non-deliverable”. I also sent emails to this person’s email, [email protected], the person whom received the money and whom I was directed to contact if there were any problems with my purchase. There never has been a response, but my emails sent to [email protected] did not come back as “non-deliverable. Apparently, Ayla Shields received my payment and I never heard a thing from anyone and did not receive any product. I found that all of their company and contact information from their website at (i.e. phone number, address in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the support email address), are all fake information. Per my receipt below, the person [email protected] supposedly works for a company called Digital Labs, which may be more fake information. I contacted the Walmart in North Carolina to ask if vacuumsspot really exists, maybe in the Walmart Store, or if they had ever heard of this company. Walmart said, NO, the vacuum store is not at Walmart and that Walmart had never heard of this company ( until just recently in May/June 2020, when some customers for the vacuum store contacted Walmart looking for information on how to contact the vacuum store. After many weeks of not hearing from anyone about my purchase, I realized that I had been defrauded by this fake online company. I looked for other ways to contact someone from the fake company, to get my money back. Originally I had searched the internet for any information I could find about the website and the company, before I ordered the product and after I was scammed. There wasn’t much information about this website yet except that the website is too new to have any information as to whether it is safe or not. Eventually, Ayla Shields created and sent a fake United Parcel Service UPS "Proof of Delivery Document" by acquiring another UPS Customer’s shipping documents. The fake document was emailed to and to me, informing us that the dyson vacuum had been shipped and delivered to my address on June 10th. I contacted UPS and they looked up the tracking number and they said, the tracking number for the "Proof of Delivery Document" that Ayla Shields sent to myself and was actually a document that was associated to a different package that was really delivered to another UPS customer and that their package had nothing to do with my fake package and of course, nothing was ever shipped to me, making it more fake information. UPS told me, the customer’s shipped package that the Proof of Delivery pertained to, arrived at their address like it was supposed to, and that there wasn’t any problems with their shipment. The fake company,, had actually somehow obtained and used another person’s “Proof of Delivery Document” to convince and deceive and myself into believing the product was delivered to my home, but maybe it had been been stolen off my front porch. I knew the document was fake when I first looked at it because, I always have UPS deliver my packages to my back door to be safe, and this document says the package was delivered to my front door. I then emailed [email protected] again about the bogus document and did not receive any response.

Below this line is the contact information from their website:


ADDRESS: 4350 US-70 E. Goldsboro. NC 27534. USA

CALL US NOW: 601 456 0513

E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

The picture below is from the website of what I ordered, but I never received anything. is working on my refund.

Kimberly – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 61462

Total money lost $299.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a Dyson V 11 top of the vacuumsspot. Com and basically just like the article reads they took $300 I paid through PayPal and never shipped the item but had a bogus tracking number through UPS dispute with PayPal PayPal denied my claim. No way to contact anybody PayPal live due to covid-19 they are not taking a lot of phone calls no one is in the office.

UPS says face off the tracking number it was delivered to the town library I called discover my credit card company and they credited the $300.

While it goes under review

Richard – Jun 08, 2020

Victim Location 41017

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Googled a discount for a Dyson Vacuum around Memorial Day. This website came up (after Amazon, Target, etc) advertising a sale for the Dyson V11 Cordless vacuum ($799.99 on sale for $299.95). I bought the vacuum on 5/24/20 and got an email response immediately to confirm. They used PayPal to process payments. Seemed legit. Heard nothing for 12 days. Called the number on their website, didn’t work. Emailed the company, bounced back twice. Area code and company address to not match up. Address is for a random Walmart in North Carolina. I cannot get a hold of them at all. Also realized they never charged taxes. Then 12 days later, I got an email confirming shipping information. I was so excited! Tracked my package through UPS and it said that the package was delivered on 5/26, left by my garage (don’t have a garage), and the package weighed 2 lbs (what vacuum weighs 2 lbs??) No vacuum has ever arrived. Going to get my $ back through my credit card company because I cannot get in contact with the company. All information screen-shotted for evidence. This was such a scam. Looking back I see all of the warning signs!

Samuel – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 55372

Total money lost $299.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a Dyson V11 from this website through PayPal. The company sent fake tracking and I never received my product. I’ve contacted them numerous times and they have never responded. PayPal won’t refund my money because I was given tracking information. UPS can’t file a claim because the item isn’t eligible.

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