Vam Group

Marc –

Victim Location 01013

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Rental

This man runs a car rental operation in a small rundown building. His website is created to look legit with a wide variety of cars for excellent rates. He takes your credit card information and clears the rental. When I went to pick up my car, the door was bolted closed and he opened it when I knocked. There was a small room with a computer. He told me he needs $300 for a deposit and to put it on a debit card, Specifically no Credit card.. He gave me a different car than I picked online. I didnt get paperwork or special instructions on what to do. He showed me how to open the convertible top and sent me on my way. I had to ask him some questions of information he should have provided. It struck me as a very odd and unprofessional experience. He has a heavy Russian accent that for sure works to his advantage. The rental wasn’t in great shape. The check engine light was on, the gas tank was not full and it made a rattling noise. When we ruturned the rental, he told me I would get my deposit within a week. I immediately checked into my bank stayement when I returned gome from vacation. He didn’t hold my deposit, he withdrew it immediately. I emailed him a week later to let him know I didn’t receive my deposit back. He told me he had an "issue"with returning it and he will need my bank account and routing number. I declined that information for him and told him to send me a check by mail. He ignored my emails for weeks. I sent a stamped envelope with return address and he ignored that. I emailed him again and called him out on it. I sent him an account number for him to put it in and still have not received it. He emailed me back pretending he was a new employee and asked me to remind him of who I was.. It has been 2 months. I have made all attempts to get my deposit back.

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