ventura Investments

Shaun –

Victim Location 32701

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Employment

This person with three names texts me and tells me I can work as a mystery shopper, puts 6000 in my account in cash and online quickpay deposits and then has me redeposit it back into one of his accounts, he gives me the percentage of the transaction in money and I deposit the money back into a Wells Fargo account.

He then files a claim against the money that the bank held and distributed to verify and the bank puts the claim through, now leaving me in 4000 debt to Chase Bank. He has me write reports on the bank and the customer service and interactions I had, and tell me what my shopping experience is like. He at first told me it was for the banks but mostly for Money gram, Walgreens, Walmart and some locations. i had posted an online ad that offered for office or business or entertainment ie music and screenwriting, editing and consultation, ONLY.

A person texts my number from the ad of probably in Central Florida, stupid me. he winds up putting 4000 into one of my accounts using a quickpay using only me email address and name and street address the bank authorized the payments which came in 2 1900$ payments for 4 to 5 business days he then deposited cash into another account on the third transaction and put 2300 into my account. he was having me deposit the money into another account, had me doing money transfers he said it was a mystery shopper opportunity i saved his messages and the receipts he just had me depositing these 3 monies into different accounts and he gave me the account numbers.

He appealed the transactions three and half weeks later and the bank says I owe them 4000 dollars for money they approved and dispensed. But they don’t know what bank he uses or his name or his address only hie email address and he deposited the money through a quick pay. He paid somebody off to give him the money back and they threw me out of the bank.

I’m graduating from college next week and I hoped to go to grad school and not to prison. I hate it in Florida where I live I am from NY have worked on TV sets out in LA I have a name and a rep but I am broke, I am [censored]ed please help.

He texted me the info the only other stuff I gave him was my one phone number no other info. my school email.

The bank is terrified of this person and they have no clue who he is and they say I owe them 4000 and I am supposed to pay it. I have medical conditions Im not totally well and try to be a good dude. The only info he had of me was the Bank I used the email address I posted and the address where I stay, no ss numbers or state id or what have you. The bank does not know who he is. They have no idea or any information about him

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