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Tammy – Aug 14, 2020

Ordered on April 29, it shipped 2 weeks later, but by June 17, still hadn’t arrived. I asked for a refund as it was stuck in CA for weeks. I was told that was not possible. Was delivered JULY 15, no foot bath, just the motor! This was a Father’s Day gift that was delivered to my father. He had to use his own basin and surprise, surprise, nothing happened. The lights did not work. I asked for a refund again and was advised to try it with less salt. This has been the worst ordering experience ever.

Peter – Aug 08, 2020

Victim Location 35674

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a foot bath that is supposed to take toxins out of your system. I had tried one @ a trade show 3 yrs ago and was impressed but they were very expensive… I saw an ad for Very Crate on Facebook and ordered one because it was more affordable…. I figured it was a knockoff of the first one but would still work… and it did NOT state I could not return it if I was not satisfied. The machine did NOTHING but they refuse to even TALK to me in person. Their advertising is as fraudulent as their product…. If I had known the package had to be UNOPENED to be returned I would have known that meant I wasn’t supposed to TRY it… or even LOOK at it…. that was not stated in ad

Allen – Jul 25, 2020

We purchased this item May 7, 2020 and just received it today. It does nothing. I watched a review on youtube to see how it should work. The youtube one worked but ours does nothing. We are unable to contact anyone and going to report this the our attorney general and better business bureau.

Brittney – Jul 20, 2020

I ordered this item and canceled it 30 minutes later. They did not cancel but waited 3 days to tell me it was too late, already being shipped. As soon as it arrived I asked for the address for return. They do not answer the phone. I sent numerous emails asking politely for the return info. All I got were emails promising their concern about my satisfaction and stating I would get a phone call within hours because I was on their “urgent” list.
No one ever called. Or sent the return info. It has been 2 weeks now and all their promises were lies. The deadline for return is approaching and there appears to be no way to get any answer from them.
Do not try to deal with these people.
The only satisfaction guarantee is to themselves. They have your money and won’t give it back.
Very unpleasant situation.!

Tanya – Jul 11, 2020

I also ordered this product in May and not received it I have asked for a refund 3 times and they just keep saying its on its way.. I ask for a managers name but they don’t give it to me very frustrated They need to be shut down

Kellie – Jul 06, 2020

I purchased the very crate ionic foot bath on 05/05/2020 and have yet to receive any merchandise. I have emailed several times only to get an email stating due to Corona virus shipping delayed and they would update the tracking info as soon as they received it, but until then they couldn’t give me any updates. I emailed a request for a full refund immediately. So far no response to email or by phone.

Caroline – Jul 07, 2020

I ordered April 14th and it ended up coming today.

Alexandra – Jul 06, 2020

I ordered mine in February of this year. As I read all the other complaints I too have been through the very same experience these last 6 months. I finally received my Foot Spa and put it immediately to work. Did mine and my friends feet and yes the water turned such a horrible color, I was excited that it actually worked! But the second time I used it I noticed that the discoloration was comin from the coiled unit, not from my feet so I ran it a third time without my feet in it and darn it, the coil was causing the color change in the water. it wasn’t as dark as it was when my feet were in the water but it was dark. I think the coil reacts to the salt they tell you to add to the water before your feet go in. I have softened water in my house so I ran the bath alone using the inside water and again using the outside water that isn’t part of the softening system. The inside water was much darker because of the salt used in softening it. The outside water was a lot lighter using the tiny spoon of salt the instructions say to add. Either way there were NO FEET in them! Im so disappointed.

Audrey – Jul 03, 2020

I ordered the foot spa from Very Crate on 4/16/2020. Today’s date is 7/3/2020 and I still haven’t received my order. I’ve tried to call them and there’s no answer just automated message saying they can’t answer do to covid-19. I’ve emailed them several times asking for an update and/or refund. I get a reply around a week later saying they can’t cancel the order because the product as shipped. When I checked the shipping it’s showing the order is in Inglewood, Ca waiting for pickup but the shipping and tracking status never changed. Now today I tried to track the package and the tracking site is down and the page won’t load site said there’s a problem. This has been a complete SCAM! since the beginning.

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Ronald – Jul 07, 2020

Takes awhile to get. April 14th oder date and came in today July 6th.

Troy – Jun 30, 2020

Very Crate is a fraudulent company. This is a scam. I ordered the product on Fri, May 8, 2020, and the order was confirmed. On May 30, 2020, I notified Very Crate that I had not received the product and requested a cancellation and refund. On June 1, 2020, Marlon C (a customer service rep) of Very Crate responded with a very long email stating that they would ship the product as soon as they have the item in stock despite my request for a cancellation and refund. On June 9, 2020, I sent another email to Very Crate and asked for a cancellation of the order and a refund. I have sent another request for a cancellation and refund. This is a fraudulent company. I will report them to the FCC and Instagram so that they cannot continue to scam innocent people.

Nicholas – Jun 30, 2020

Ordered product 4/15/20. They took my money and it is now 6/30/20 haven’t received anything and no explanation as to why it is late. Ive emailed customer support and have not got a live human response like they promise within the 48 hrs. The phone number 8317080084 states they are not taking calls at this time only emails. I also called the number from my transaction hx that is 5018937528. So upset and will get my refund

Randall – Jun 24, 2020

Same experience as the other complaint. Ordered my foot spa May 5, sent out May 20 and never received. No more info about mail status, simply in transit. No e-mail response about my concern and unable to contact by phone. I am livid about this, living on minimal social security, and the foot spa was going to help with my disability.

Joshua – Jul 07, 2020

Ordered April 14th and finally got here today July 6th.

Olivia – Jun 24, 2020

Ordered this May 2nd for Fathers Day. Hesitant about spending the money but my husband wanted it. I really couldn’t afford it but purchased it. Never received it and they will NOT give me a refund because they say it already “shipped:. By tracking it, I see it is in CA and I am in Florida and no movement on the package since May 12th! When you call the number on their website, it says the call center is closed so no one to speak with. This is the scam. Everyone who has had this experience which is see is many based on the reviews, take a few minutes and report them to the Better Business Bureau. Its not legitimate and their product is expensive! Give me my refund. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Joseph – Jun 23, 2020

This company is a joke! I order march 2nd, still no foot spa, nor my money back. I have filed a complaint with my bank and the company is under investigation. Nothing has been good about this experience. The customer service is horrible! All they said is I understand your frustration, but we are unable to cancel the request as its in processing to ship. really you said that a month ago! beware!

Armando – Jun 18, 2020

This is a scam and the item is junk. Do NOT buy. It took over two months to receive the item. I had emailed and cancelled but that was disregarded. Ended up getting the shipment so thought I would test it out to see if I wanted to keep it. NO, it is a piece of crap that does NOT even come on let alone do anything. So requested a return label. Auto response that they got my email but that is it. I am sending the junk back and will notify my credit card company.

Jared – Jun 18, 2020

I email very crate 6/17/20 given them until the 23 of June to send my order, I also stated, ” that I want my $115.99 refund to me by the 25 of June 2020. So this is the game Very Crate want to play with me! I received a email back from very crate 6/17/20 stating that my package was delivered and someone signed for it. I reply that my mail carry knows me, I’m sure, she will know where she dropped my package off and who signed for it. very crate screen shot a tracker sheet that I can not see any of the written to read it, I asked very crate to send me a copy of the signature of the person that sign for my package, today is 6/18/2020 no email or response. What I don’t under stand! I have emailed them over and over, I got one email saying package on it’s way, 3 weeks later, I tried tracking my package then I get a response saying tracking # can not be found, I am going to my post off today, I will keep you all posted,” believe me Very Crate is a scram” I going to print up the documents very crate send me and take it to the post office and tell them about this company scram.

Andre – Jun 18, 2020

Ordered April 15th 2020 ,and today is June 18,2020 and holy crap my package is still sitting in Englewood California ,sent countless emails and get automated reply emails .I am putting my bank on em ,at this point if I don’t get a refund I want the one or ones recieved money to pay dearly in a jail cell .or let me have ten minutes in room with them …

Matthew – Jun 17, 2020

I order foot detox from very crate April 2020 @ $111.99, I tried tracking and I notice, tracking have not moved, I kept tracking down my order every week and calling the phone to call them, they not answering, I email them, I rec’d a email stated my order on it’s way. Weeks passed I have not heard nothing from Very Crate. It’s a Scram!
Order# 26775 Tracking# LS302925761CN

Jennifer – Jun 17, 2020

I had the same experience I ordered the detox foot bath 5/15/2020 and it is 6/16/2020 and it also says it is in Inglewood, CA. Why would it be stuck there? I think it is a scam and someone has a fake website. Unfortunately, these companies and scammer and ups, usps, fed ex and amazon employees are stealing these packages and using the Covid 19 excuse, everything is not coming from China. If you know they have stopped shipments, why would you still accept orders. The world we live in today. Scam artists.

Philip – Jun 16, 2020

I ordered in April, and it never arrived. Tracking number indicates it is in Inglewood, CA and has been there since May 17th. I emailed them on June 16, and received an email back indicating the delay was due to COVID-19. I don’t believe them. I’m going to request a refund through PayPal. It’s horrible that no one can be trusted.

Mallory – Jun 04, 2020

I have had the exact same experience as 84121! Do NOT BUY from Very Crate!
I’ll bet we have the exact same tracking number, mine ends in 238946

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