Jennifer –

Victim Location 90036

Total money lost $4,000,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Vezt, inc and its founders Steve Stewart and Robert Menendez have taken multiple investments from people saying there will be returns when no one has been paid anything. They have lied to the public using artists names saying they’re partnered with the company and users have invested in the crypto with no payment of coins or returns. They have taken over 5 million from the public and taken that money out of the country to asia to hide money in banks and buy assets like homes in asia and south america to avoid paying taxes in the US. They taken millions of dollars from different investors with no returns. They’re always extending there timeline and and saying all sorts of lies. This company is scam and they will still your money they have done it to so many innocent victims. They don’t pay out artists or the public when they say they will. Multiple investors and employees have left because they have seen how shady this company is and it founders.

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