Victor Jacquette

Deanna –

Victim Location 06010

Type of a scam Employment

BEWARE of Liar, thief and con Victor Jaquette aka Clift (860-804-7444) Jarquette aka Clift from Bristol CT or Thompson or wherever answered my Craigslist ad to fix my *** on my car. He called many times to confirm and came to my home to do the work. He is (age 60) with graying hair and a ponytail. He called and said he brings his girlfriend Kate with him to make people feel safe because there have been many people ripping others off from Craigslist. He brought Kate Clift with him. She’s 48 and very thin. He says they have been together 23 years and have a teenage daughter together. Came to the house, took cash for parts and came back once, acted like he fixed one of the brakes, which I know now he didn’t do. I now know her job was to distract me while he acted like he was working. He asked if she could sit in the house with me because she had a lung removed and he didn’t want her to get sick being outdoors. Took more cash to buy other parts over a 2 week’s ago and have never seen him again. He always said he shows because he works off referrals. You have been warned. Will answer texts 1x a day says he’ll be here the next day and has never returned. I’m out hundreds of dollars and my Smart watch. They ask to use the bathroom a lot. Don’t use them, don’t take their calls or let them in your house. He didn’t know my prior job was with the *** ** *** *** system and *** but he will when he gets served. Also check out Facebook, Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection for Senior Citizens, and that’s only the beginning. My name is *** *** of *** **. Call any clerk or judges at any probate, district or Superior Courts in *** *** County and beyond and ask them of my reputation and See if I’m a joke. This is the first time I have been ripped off from somebody off Craigslist. ORIGINAL POST: I need an ESTIMATE to have *** fixed. I have a *** series. Turbo stick shift. The ABS lights came on last night while driving and I hear noises coming from the area of my right front tire that sounds like crunching. I’m a single woman raising a *** who I drop off and pick up from *** daily so I can’t do without a car for long at all. If you have experience with these cars I’d love to get an ESTIMATE from you.

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