vision Web Creations Inc.

Adrian –

Victim Location 76126

Total money lost $72

Type of a scam Tech Support

This happened to my mother, she has the beginnings of dementia, she is also a trusting person to begin with. We don’t lie or take advantage of people so we don’t expect it to be done to us. I take care of her computers, she has yahoo, with mcAfee i make sure that it is up to date and that it is set to run the scans and everything. Visit her several times a week. Normally if a website pops up like this telling her that something is wrong with her computer she knows to just shut it off, but somehow this time they convinced her to let them do something to it, and charged her $72 for it. I wouldn’t worry about it normally, I can handle that much. But her husband, my father died February 4th which makes this month a short month for social security and she has a large house payment due and taxes to pay. So now I am really upset.

My moms computer was fine and she had an up to date anti virus on it. So people that don’t know very much about computers can get scared and fall for these scams. I will post the back of the check they convinced her to do. But when some page pops up on your computer telling you that you have a virus or whatever, you don’t. push and hold the same button you use to turn it on. It will not hurt your computer. Once it turns off turn it on again and avoid that page but run a scan on your computer please.

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