Kathleen –

Victim Location 92626

Total money lost $225

Type of a scam Tech Support

Vision PC Support is a scammer tech support company that is guilty of FRAUD by placing a big pop-up message on your computer screen that appears out of nowhere with a message informing you that your computer is infected with a virus (when in fact your computer has nothing wrong with it) along with instructions for you not to do anything but to immediately call 1-877-663-9941 for Tech Support to fix this virus and this message appears to be from Microsoft Tech Support (when in fact the toll-free number you are calling is routed to India and has nothing to do with Microsoft Tech Support). The on-screen instructions also say not to turn off your computer, because that would probably delete and eliminate the pop-up virus warning message and your computer most likely would boot up and work without any further problems.

Vision PC Support’s “fraud scam” is to convince you that you actually have a virus on your computer and if you don’t fix the virus now your computer will crash and you won’t be able to use it anymore. They will offer to fix your computer for $225 or more, depending on what they try to sell you in order for them to fix your computer virus and to prevent it from happening again (when in fact there is nothing wrong with your computer). This is outright FRAUD.

Unfortunately I fell for this scam and called the 1-877-663-9941 number for tech support help (that I was led to believe was Microsoft’s Tech Support) to fix this virus that had appeared out of nowhere on big pop-up message on my computer screen.

Long story short… I was scammed for $225… I’m a senior citizen in my eighties and I’m not computer savvy at all… I just know how to turn on my laptop and check my emails and that’s all I do on my laptop. The 1-877-663-9941 number I called turned out to be over in India and they were NOT Microsoft Tech Support as they had led me to believe… they told me my computer needed new drives, etc. or else it would crash and they put pages on my screen of all the things in my computer and pointed out all the "bad" items. I felt at such a disadvantage not knowing anything about computers. They informed me they don’t take credit cards and somehow in all my confusion I gave them my checking account number and routing number to my bank and ended up purchasing 1-year of support from them for $225 with everything on my computer being covered… only to find out later that I had been scammed out of $225 (a friend of a friend who has been fixing computers for the past 17 years came over and verified that there was actually nothing wrong with my computer in the first place). I feel like such an [censored] now and don’t want this to happen to anybody else out there so I contacted the BBB and filed this complaint to warn other unsuspecting individuals not to fall for this tech support scam from Vision PC Support!… Upon further investigation (see .jpg file attached below) you can see that this Vision PC Support scam company is also fraudulently using Microsoft links on their Web page to make it look like they are part of Microsoft’s Tech Support when in fact they have nothing to do with Microsoft and are just conning people into purchasing computer tech support packages for the fake virus pop-up messages they are putting on peoples computers with Vision PC Support’s phone number on them… when tech support is not needed in the first place because nothing is wrong with the individual’s computer. Vision PC Support needs to be investigated and terminated ASAP.

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